I changed my youtube channel to "YineTime" instead of "YineTimeShow" so it matches all of my other profiles.
My channel is still accessible through OR now
Either works fine, you just have to remember the "c" in the custom URL!
I'm also working on renovating all of the channel art/thumbnails/icons so my channel should be all shiny and new soon :)

Cassie/Sid - Poison & Wine

Happy Valentine's Day! Cassie and Sid are some of the first Skins characters I ever fell in love with. Their push/pull is indescribable.

First video I've made with PowerDirector 15 which, personally, I find miles ahead of 14. It really goes to show how much difference a solid program can make. I made this video incredibly quickly but there was a lot of complexity to it.

This makes me want to go back and perhaps redo old videos with an updated skillset. But that is a really slippery slope that I'm not ready to go down.

Jump Street Videos - Swagger Like Us & Break the Rules

My festivids entries! Feedback appreciated, but even MORE appreciated if you like/comment on the ORIGINAL youtube video.
These are the first(??) videos I have ever made without some kind of a priori plan or idea hahaha. Funnily enough, for every fandom I requested, I had set ideas. I just needed one more fandom to qualify so I added the Jump Street movies because I know and love them. Of course, those are the ones I got assigned and there was this moment of, "Uh oh, I have no idea what I'm doing!" So I spent a lot of time just shuffling through my music trying to get inspired.
I'm glad I did it though. It was definitely a new kind of challenge. "Swagger Like Us" was the first one I came up with, and was committed to, and then I forced myself to come up with another idea in case the person I was making them for didn't like the concept (hence "Break the Rules"). Both of them were made simultaneously. I just switched back and forth if I was ever stumped.

Another account??

After chatting with some lovely festividders last night, I decided to also create a dreamwidth account in case there are users I want to communicate with who don't have an LJ.

Same username:

I think I'm going to leave all of my video posts and explanations here, because that's where they are now, but I'll post to the vidding communities both on LJ and DW in the future!

Right now I'm still in the process of just looking for people (both here and on DW) so come say hi!

Festivids 2016-17

My first festivids has arrived!!!
tl;dr, I had fun and thank you for the people who told me to do it. I never thought I would have. I don't have a lot of livejournal friends but anyone who comes across this, do you have any other recommendations for future vidding exchanges or activities like this one??

Now here's my reflection of festivids, because I think it went really well:
Obviously the videos are still anonymous so I won't do any hinting as to what I contributed, but I just want to talk about the process generally and what I received and got out of it.
I came to livejournal specifically for the purpose of vidding. All I knew is I wanted a way to connect with other vidders and be exposed to some unique work, but I didn't know how. About 5 people suggested I enter Festivids.
I had no idea what Festivids was, nor did I have any intention in engaging in any sort of video exchange or festival at all, but because it came so highly recommended, I took a leap of faith. Especially because even though I missed the fandom nomination period, there were still rare fandoms that I was highly interested in.
I was a bit nervous because I knew that whatever video I would make, I would put a lot of effort into it. But what if the other person didn't like it? I've never made someone a video before. Similarly, I've never had a video made for me. What if I received a video that I didn't like and had to awkwardly praise it? I thought I might regret the whole experience because I'd spend so much time working on a video that wasn't on my to-do list anyways, and then would get practically nothing in return.
BUT fast forward to today, and I have no regrets! First of all, making videos for someone, knowing that there is an audience out there somewhere, is really exciting. And having my work part of the masterlist is exciting too because it's attracted some other viewers.
I've only seen a handful of festivids videos from the masterlist, because the majority of the fandoms are ones that I'm not a part of, but I've enjoyed watching them! The best bit of news is that my favorite video out of all the videos I watched was one given to me. I've watched it several times today. It's just a really cool feeling, because I have no vidder friends in real life. I have friends who I share my videos with, but never the other way around.

Once the videos authors are revealed, I will post my signed videos here and make them public.

And again, thanks to all who told me to go for it, back when I had first signed up for livejournal. I'd love to hear of other ways in which I could participate in the vidding community.

Personal Ventures

My vidding has been very sparse lately. I've been gearing up for festivids, but that's about it. And that's not due until January!!
But I haven't given up on video editing. Not at all. When I have free time, that's what I do, but it's not fanvids. They're personal videos, which is why I wouldn't post them online (publicly).
I studied abroad over the summer and came back with hours upon hours of footage. Before the fall, I finished an elaborate vlog that covered the highlights of the whole trip to share with my friends and family. But since then, I've been working on making the full versions, where I show everything that happened each day, just so that I have them for myself to keep years down the road. And that takes up a LOT of time because it was a 2 month trip. And I don't have very much free time to begin with. It's a busy life.
Anyways, I miss vidding a lot. I'm definitely thankful to all the people who convinced me to sign up for festivids this year, so I at least have to make one video (probably will make two or three, what with treats and all). It's a good way to make sure I stay vidding, even with all the other crazy stuff in my life. There just not might be any content on here for a while.

Horns - I'll pray for you

Holy hell (pun intended) this video is done! I actually signed up for livejournal... hmm.. a month ago? And thought I'd upload this within the week as just a quick project to post here. It ended up taking forever just because my computer can't handle the heavy graphics stuff, and I had to do it in many little pieces. Nevertheless, I'm proud that it's done!
This movie is sooooo strange... but I love it so much... and visually it's a masterpiece. The movement, the colors... particularly the use of primary colors in this film is STUNNING so I tried to highlight that at times.
Happy Halloween!


Ahhhh so I officially signed up for Festivids this year! How strange and exciting. I'm not new to vidding persay, but I am VERY new to the idea of socializing with other vidders, sharing videos with them and actually receiving videos as a gift. I've never done that before. So let me rephrase, I've NEVER received a video as a gift before, so NO MATTER WHAT you make, I will appreciate it VERY much!!!! You'll have the honor of being the first hahahah :)

The fandoms I requested are:
(500) Days of Summer (movie)
21/22 Jump Street (movies)
The Truman Show (movie)
Big Time Rush (TV)
Swiss Army Man (Movie)
Noah (Movie)

Literally anything suffices for any of these fandoms. If you've got an idea, go with it! I personally find suggestions a little bit restricting (unless you want a suggestion, in which case, muahaha you'll have to come up with something yourself!) The only thing I'm really hoping for is a good fit between song/fandom ("fit" is a very loose term, could mean lyrically, tonally, pace... etc... or any combination of different kinds of fits haha). I really just want to see the pure creativity and joy that people put into vidding. Any genre of music. Any angle or aspect of any of the fandoms. Nothing is more valuable than your own creativity and vision, and I'll try to do the same in return!

(Treats are welcome of course, but definitely not expected. I'll definitely try to make a treat for someone else if I have the time!)

Ron & Hermione - Open Your Eyes

And this is it, the last video I've made so far! It's crazy that I finished this back in May. That's how long it's been.
This website has re-sparked my interest in creating more videos. I hope to have a new one up soon.

It's not as though I haven't been video editing. I've made school projects, vlogs... but I miss the fanvid stuff. A lot.
This was my first experimentation with messing with time (slow motion) which seems crazy because every vidder does this. But it's really tricky in PowerDirector so it took a lot of time and effort. Feedback is VERY much appreciated.

Skins - You Found Me

MY CROWNING JEWEL OF SKINS VIDEOS I'VE MADE I'm very, very proud of this one!
This was the first video I made after updating from PowerDirector 12 to 14. Had to get a little used to the program and the new coloring software I had. The coloring's not perfect, and creates some patches on their faces, but I'm still really happy about it. Feedback very much appreciated!